Adoption Anniversary Session at Schenley Park

Filed in Portraits  /  October 24, 2021 /

Dylan + Ryan + V

Ryan and Dima brought V (name withheld because V is just a little one 🥰) into their family through adoption. Each year, they have a special portrait session to celebrate another year as a family. This year, I was lucky enough to get to be the photographer for that session. V is firmly in toddler years and recently discovered the ability to run! Absolutely obsessed with his newfound power, running was the only thing on V’s mind during our session. Anytime he was stopped he would immediately let us know his dissatisfaction with a level of drama only toddlers can truly master. I had to change up my usual game plan to accommodate V’s energy but the result was a session full of heartwarming toddler moments (and I managed to snag a few family portraits throughout it all!).

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