Rylan + Gabby Rylan reached out to me with the adorable idea of a mid-date surprise proposal. We worked out a plan together, and he chose Phipps’ Japanese Courtyard Garden as ✨The Spot✨. He and Gabby made their way through the botanical garden leisurely, while I sat in wait in the Japanese Courtyard section. When […]

Erica + Matthew Really fun fact about the venue Pinehall at Eisler, you can use the premises for your engagement session! What a neat way for us to scope out all the best spots for wedding portraits. Of course, it’ll likely be a different season, but that means you’ll get more variety. Erica and Matthew […]

Cheyanne + Vinny The vision Cheyanne and Vinny had for this session was *chef’s kiss*. They said they wanted a fall engagement session with falling leaves, always a good choice. They also wanted to incorporate their favorite bits of life: their ten-year-old Shetland Sheepdog Kota and playing board games. What resulted was a nod to […]

Selina + Matt Also called Herr’s Island, Washington’s Landing is such a neat spot for an engagement session. It’s usually pretty empty and it’s got a little bit of everything – forest, fields, a beautiful river view. There’s also a stone staircase that feels just a lil’ bit like Italy to me. Selina and Matt […]

Whitney + Ryan The Pittsburgh Botanic Garden is a gorgeous spot for engagements and weddings alike. It has a forest with several storybook inspired installations as well as acres and acres of beautiful foilage and florals. Whitney and Ryan took full advantage of the beauty of the gardens for their engagement session. Their coordinating gothic […]

Elizabeth + Rebecca Elizabeth and Rebecca’s engagement session was a sweet and relaxed afternoon. Surrounded by trees and early summer flowers, they had a picnic together complete with strawberries and Deer Creek wine. As we explored Panther Hollow and the outside gardens around Phipps, there was laughter and dancing and some very, very nice weather.

Sabina + Sabia Sabina and Sabia chose to do a blend of engagement session venues: a lil’ bit of in-home and a lil’ bit of the ever-beautiful Highland Park. First, we began in their home, complete with walls of gorgeous art and a kitty who did not trust me one bit but who I love […]

Susan + Bill The boathouse in North Park plays a special role in Bill and Susan’s story, so it was an easy choice for them when it came to where to have an engagement session. Earlier rainy skies gave way to the perfect late-afternoon sun for us as we explored around North Park lake. After […]

Gabriella + Gabriel Gabriel approached me months before this session with one of the most thorough and romantic engagement plans I’ve ever seen. Gabriel hired a live violinist, set up furniture and decor, prepared food, and commissioned a custom moon-shaped floral arrangement for the special moment. Even the date had personal meaning to the couple. […]

Kristina + Caleigh Fun fact about me: when I was in high school / college, I was really into the j-fashion and cosplay scene. I had an entire room in my apartment dedicated to just that. I love fantasy styles, dnd inspiration, and any outfit that includes a cool weapon. Kristina and Caleigh brought forth […]