Colorful, Cozy Wedding at Family Flower Farm

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Chloë + Ben

When I arrived at Ben’s family flower farm, I was warmly greeted and handed a pair of garden shears. “Use any flowers you’d like!” I was instructed. Beyond the fact that that moment alone is a photographer’s dream come true, this wedding was spectacular in every detail. The couple and their family had been planning the event for an entire growing season, making sure the floral garden backdrop was the perfect spot for their intimate ceremony. The day itself was incredible and had a relaxed, comfy vibe. The couple’s two adorable dogs were running about the festivities, greeting guests as they played yard games and snacked on freshly boiled corn on the cob. The reception was serenaded by live music from Slam Band and Sam and dinner was a delicious spread of Indian cuisine from Mintt. The couple cheered an ice cream cake instead of a wedding cake and finished the night by passing out light-refracting glasses that turned all lights into cute heart shapes.


Dress: Carol Hannah
Alterations: Topaz Thimble
Planner: Wildly Loved
Music: Slam Band and Sam
Jewelry: Skelton Jewelry + Heirloom
Catering: Mintt

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