In-Home & Honey Sunset LGBTQ+ Engagement Session

Filed in Engagements  /  May 30, 2022 /

Sabina + Sabia

Sabina and Sabia chose to do a blend of engagement session venues: a lil’ bit of in-home and a lil’ bit of the ever-beautiful Highland Park. First, we began in their home, complete with walls of gorgeous art and a kitty who did not trust me one bit but who I love with my whole heart anyway. ❤️ Their space felt so them! You could read their love story through the photos and mementos carefully curated on their shelves. After me failing to impress their cat, we headed just a few minutes away from the spot that will be their elopement ceremony space next year (ahh I can’t wait!!), they spun and twirled and laughed and cuddled in one of the best golden hour sunsets I’ve seen in a long while. We even were fortunate to meet a family of really cute ducks living their best life in the reservoir.

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